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Get the Most Out of Your Dental Checkup with Hillcrest Dental

Neglecting oral hygiene can deteriorate overall health, making regular dental checkups an essential wellness treatment. Though most dental checkups last only 45 minutes, you should make the most of your brief visit. By following recommended oral health practices at home, coming prepared for your appointment, and being communicative with your provider, you can maximize your experience with a trusted dentist

Residents of Charlottesville, VA, searching for top-notch dental care can turn to Hillcrest Dental. Since 1953, our professionals have provided patients quality dental care that inspires smiles and confidence. Among our general dentistry services, we provide routine check-ups that help you affordably maintain excellent oral hygiene. For more information or to schedule your next appointment, call us at (434) 973-2224 today!

Below, we detail how to optimize your dental checkup:

Oral Care Between Appointments

Checkups are meant to identify and prevent serious issues early on, but are insufficient to maintain oral hygiene without regular cleaning at home. Therefore, you must maintain proper oral hygiene practices between appointments. For an easy, low-stress visit, brush and floss twice daily using the proper techniques. Also, take note of any potential issues to address during your appointment. Such issues may include:

Come Prepared 

Pre-appointment preparation eliminates last-minute scrambling and ensures a time-effective visit. Your dentist likely requires official documents upon your initial visit. So, bring a copy of your dental insurance, ID, and medical records. Additionally, if your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, or health conditions have changed, write it down and ensure your dentist is aware. 

Ideally, you should schedule routine checkups once every 6 months to a year. Skipping such appointments may result in poor oral health and a more arduous and expensive visit. So, before you leave the dentist, proactively schedule your next appointment.

Be Communicative


By being open and honest with your dentist, you can ensure a personalized and beneficial experience. Make any potential concerns about your health, treatment, or financing clear to your dental professionals. A quality dentist should be eager to listen to questions and provide you with the best treatment for you

Additionally, many people feel anxious about dental visits. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to bring your feelings to light. A fear of the dentist’s office is common, and a trained professional can help minimize your negative feelings and optimize your experience. 

Visit a Trusted Dentist in Charlottesville, VA!

Turning to an experienced dentist can help you achieve and maintain the smile you’ve always desired. At Hillcrest Dental in Charlottesville, VA, we provide comprehensive care that keeps you confident and healthy. With services ranging from general care to cosmetic dentistry, our dedicated team is equipped to handle all your oral hygiene needs. To learn more or request a free smile consultation, call (434) 973-2224 today! 

  • "I am very pleased with how my appointment went yesterday. Everyone was really friendly. They explained everything to me about the procedure and stayed late to assure I was comfortable with the work I had done. Dr Ryan Buckwalter and his assistants were awesome. I highly recommend them for any dental work. Thank you."

    Donnette M.

  • "I was having toothache pain in my lower jaw. I called the next day to make an appointment and was given an appointment time for the very next day. I saw Dr. Ryan, who is knowledgeable, caring and has great people skills with his patients. I made another appointment to come back and have the work done."

    Denise K.

  • “Dr. Buckwalter and his assistant did a wonderful job with our 8 year old today. While they were busy talking teeth, my 3 year old was enjoying his new lip balm and balloon! Finished up with a treat from Starbucks with our gift card. So glad our kiddos don’t fear the dentist. More like they want to keep stopping in."

    Logan D.

  • “Unbelievable experience with Dr. Ryan Buckwalter. Night and Day difference from my last dental experience with another dentist. I no longer fear the dentist!”

    David S.