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When Is a Root Canal Necessary?











Do symptoms like toothaches, a dental injury, or other signs call for a root canal? Perhaps not on their own, but you should also remain alert for pain or sensitivity in one or more teeth as well as swelling, darkening, decay, or tenderness in the gums. Should you experience these symptoms, don’t hesitate to consult your dentist or endodontist. They can determine whether you need professional oral surgery services.

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Below, we discuss how root canals work as well as their reputation, necessity, and price:

How Root Canals Work











The goal of a root canal–an endodontic procedure–is to save your natural tooth or teeth by removing infected or inflamed interior portions. The affected tooth or teeth also receive a cleaning, filling, and sealing. Despite the procedure’s invasiveness, a fully mature tooth can survive without its internal substance. The surrounding tissues sustain the tooth.

A root canal is fairly similar to a conventional filling. Depending on the state of your tooth and oral health, we can complete the procedure in one or two sessions. 

Root Canal Pain

Once the punchline of jokes about painful procedures, modern root canals generally cause little pain because patients receive anesthesia beforehand. Nevertheless, discomfort and numbness afterward are common occurrences. Given the treatment’s use over decades, specialists have refined it for common use and success.

Signs That You Need a Root Canal

The appearance of several signs can signal that you need an endodontic procedure, including:

  • Tooth damage, such as chips or cracks
  • A deep cavity
  • Difficulties from a prior filling
  • Pain when eating or biting
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Swelling, darkening, decay, or tenderness in the gums
  • Pimples on the gums

If you experience any of these symptoms, let your dentist know so they can determine what type of dental treatment you need.

Root Canal Costs

The price of root canals varies based on the complexity of the procedure and which tooth is involved. For example, as a difficult tooth to reach and treat, molars often come at a higher price. Nonetheless, most dental insurance policies cover root canal procedures. You may also qualify for financing options.

Moreover, endodontic treatment and restoration of a natural tooth tend to cost less than tooth removal. A pulled tooth must be replaced with an implant or bridge to restore function and prevent neighboring teeth from moving.

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