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What Kind of Dental Treatment Do I Need?

5 common procedures cover almost all of the problems that people go to a general dentist for. These procedures, such as fillings and crowns could be seen as several types of dental services, depending on the issue that you visit the dentist for. If you need professional dental care in Crozet, VA, then Hillcrest Dental can help you out.

Let us identify your dental needs and act accordingly to clean up your oral hygiene. Throughout your time with us, you will receive the best service, care, and results than surrounding dental practices. The Hillcrest Dental team offers the full range of dental treatments so that you walk out our door with a brighter smile.

Below, we discuss the most common types of dental treatments and why you should trust Hillcrest Dental to perform them:

5 Common Dental Procedures

1. Fillings

Dentists provide fillings when their patients’ teeth have cavities, decay, or a fracture. In this procedure, dentists use a specialized drill to remove any decay or dental tissue inside of the tooth, which is then rinsed out with water and sealed. Fillings are by far the most common dental procedures performed in the U.S.

2. Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used on teeth that have been damaged from an accident and are one of the only options to save a tooth from being extracted. The crown protects it since it is placed and sealed onto the tooth fully covering it.

3. Tooth Extractions

If a tooth has decayed too much, then it will have to be extracted. Extraction is also needed when a hurt tooth cannot move through the gums or–the most dreaded treatment of all–wisdom teeth removal. When the tooth is above the gum the tooth is loosened from its bone socket before being removed. When the tooth is above the gum, oral surgery is required.

4. Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace real teeth that have previously been removed from damage. The implants do require minor oral surgery and will take a few months to complete. But you will have shiny white artificial teeth, making it worth the inconvenience.

5. Braces

Braces are the most standard way of positioning teeth to make them more straight and properly aligned. Nearly 80% of people who have braces are under the age of 18 because people often want their teeth fixed by their adult life.

Why Choose Hillcrest Dental?

At Hillcrest Dental, we provide our patients with the utmost care and personalized planning to ensure healthy dental hygiene. Our services cover all of the most common dental procedures in which we are experienced dental experts. Our goal is to equip clients with the right tools so they know how to maintain their teeth and stay healthy. We have been serving Virginia with top-quality dental care since 1953 and are more than happy to improve your smile.

We also have an excellent staff who provide these high-quality services, from Dr. Buckwalter, DDS, FICOI at the top down to our dental assistants. Your oral hygiene is a serious matter, but we want your visits to be as painless as possible. Day in and day out, we improve our clients’ dental health so that they leave with brighter smiles.

Choose Professional Dental Care in Crozet, VA!

We know what it is like to experience pain from an injured tooth or whatever other dental problem you may be having. At Hillcrest Dental we understand these issues because we have been fixing them for decades. Those who are looking for Dental Care in Crozet VA, reach out to us at (434) 973-2224 or fill out the form on our contact page.

  • "I am very pleased with how my appointment went yesterday. Everyone was really friendly. They explained everything to me about the procedure and stayed late to assure I was comfortable with the work I had done. Dr Ryan Buckwalter and his assistants were awesome. I highly recommend them for any dental work. Thank you."

    Donnette M.

  • "I was having toothache pain in my lower jaw. I called the next day to make an appointment and was given an appointment time for the very next day. I saw Dr. Ryan, who is knowledgeable, caring and has great people skills with his patients. I made another appointment to come back and have the work done."

    Denise K.

  • “Dr. Buckwalter and his assistant did a wonderful job with our 8 year old today. While they were busy talking teeth, my 3 year old was enjoying his new lip balm and balloon! Finished up with a treat from Starbucks with our gift card. So glad our kiddos don’t fear the dentist. More like they want to keep stopping in."

    Logan D.

  • “Unbelievable experience with Dr. Ryan Buckwalter. Night and Day difference from my last dental experience with another dentist. I no longer fear the dentist!”

    David S.