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How Does Coffee Affect Your Teeth

In the world of cosmetic dentists, one of the most widespread issues that people have with their teeth these days is the discoloration or stains produced by the various foods and beverages they consume on a daily basis. The most common of these is coffee, a beverage that’s consumed regularly by people all around the world. While it does add an extra boost of energy to your day, it does have several effects on your teeth, both known and unknown, that you should be aware of.

Also, in order to help you fix teeth stains, as well as any other dental conditions that you may have, call Hillcrest Dental. Our highly trained experts will provide you with excellent dental care through their practices in general care, oral surgery, and restorative cosmetic dentistry services. Throughout Albemarle County, VA, we have satisfied clients who have experienced the warmth of our custom dental care and the familial atmosphere we bring to the community.  Our dedication to them and to you extends to the concern we have for your overall dental health. Learn how coffee affects your teeth below:

The Bad:

It Weakens Your Teeth

Because it is an acidic beverage, coffee actually assists in the growth of harmful bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria creates more of an acidic environment within your mouth, eventually causing the erosion of your teeth’s enamel. That can result in them becoming brittle and thin, which can lead to further issues such as sensitivity to hot or cold foods, cavities, and irreparable tooth decay.

It Dries Your Mouth

Something that isn’t well known about coffee is that it inhibits saliva production, causing you to have a dry mouth. The lack of saliva leaves your teeth vulnerable and allows bacteria to increase and spread, which can further complicate any other health conditions that your teeth may have.

The Ugly:

It Causes Bad Breath

Additionally, having a dry mouth also produces bad breath. Coffee also tends to linger on your tongue, its residue further creating an unpleasant scent in your mouth. Without properly brushing your teeth and perhaps even using a tongue scraper, your breath will contain a foul stench until you do so.

It Creates Yellow Stains

The most noticeable effect that coffee has besides those listed above is that it stains your teeth. Since your enamel contains ridges and pits against each one of your teeth, particles from food and drink can easily remain well after your last meal. With dark, acidic drinks like coffee, this can easily lead to teeth stains.

The Good:

A Strong Cup Helps

However, while there are many issues caused by drinking your daily cup of joe, it is also important to note that there is one particular benefit coffee can have on your dental health. It comes from a certain chemical called polyphenols, which appears to break down the bacteria that causes plaque buildup on your teeth. The greater concentration of caffeine in the coffee, the higher the amount of polyphenols it contains, thus a stronger cup can assist in your dental health. However, this is a benefit for coffee drinkers who take their cup black, without any creamers or sugars.

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While you enjoy your next cup of coffee, be mindful of the effects you may experience, especially if you drink it often throughout the week. Overall, remember to brush and rinse your teeth after a refreshing cup, and you’ll be sure to maintain a bright smile for years to come. At Hillcrest Dental, our essential goal is to ensure that our clients maintain a bright smile, while also enjoying the comfort and satisfaction of a locally trusted dental practice. Our work ranges from simple general dental care, expert surgical dental care, and amazing cosmetic dentistry services. Our practice and our entire dental staff desires to continue serving clients throughout Albemarle County, VA. So contact us at 434-973-2224 to schedule your next appointment.

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