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Fluoride-Free Toothpaste vs. Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride occurs naturally in Earth’s crust; therefore, most drinkable water is fluoridated to some degree. Yet fluoride can also be added to drinking water manually, and some local officials choose to do so. This substance can prevent tooth decay and, in small doses, strengthen tooth enamel to prevent cavities. Fluoride is also found in most toothpaste brands on the market today. However, there is a growing demand for fluoride-free toothpaste. This trend has resulted in cosmetic dentists experiencing increased rates of teeth whitening requests. Nevertheless, Hillcrest Dental professionals believe the effects of toothpaste with and without fluoride are worth exploring.

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Below, we list the pros and cons of fluoride toothpaste vs. fluoride-free toothpaste:

Fluoride Prevents Cavities

Brushing and flossing alone cannot keep the cavities away. Cavities form in tiny cracks in your tooth enamel and—if left untreated— will grow to eat away at your teeth and cause significant pain. Brushing with fluoride-free toothpaste leaves you at risk of developing cavities, no matter how diligent you are with your dental hygiene. Using fluoride toothpaste helps reverse the cavities formation and contributes to your teeth whitening

If fluoride whitening toothpaste isn’t cleaning the stains off of your teeth, opting for cosmetic teeth whitening may be helpful. At Hillcrest Dental, we have found that clients with whiter teeth practice better oral care habits and have more confidence. Schedule a teeth whitening appointment to reinvigorate your smile and maintain your dental health. 

Fluoride Prevents Tooth Decay

When you eat sugary foods, the bacteria in your mouth—known as plaque—dissolve the sugars and produce an acid that damages the enamel on your teeth. This process is tooth decay, one of the primary causes of cavities and other oral health issues. Using fluoride toothpaste and drinking fluoridated water can help combat this decay and make your teeth more resistant to sugary acids and staining.

Meanwhile, fluoride-free toothpaste can expose you to the damaging consequences of eating foods with high amounts of sugar. You may suffer significant dental problems later in life. Simply drinking water with optimal amounts of fluoride can help prevent such outcomes.

Fluoride Exposure May be Overkill

Despite fluoride’s oral health benefits, consuming an excess may work against your body’s needs. Indeed, too much may cancel out its teeth-whitening effects and cause permanent discoloration of your teeth. This result, called dental fluorosis, can speed up tooth decay, especially in young children. Dental fluorosis usually manifests as a noticeable and permanent change in the color of your teeth. 

Nevertheless, a professional cosmetic dentist can treat it with teeth whitening. This short and simple treatment may change your life by bringing back your beautiful smile, even if you are suffering from dental fluorosis.

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