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7 Fun Facts About Flossing

Our teeth are just  as important as other parts of our body, but sometimes we may not always feel like taking care of our teeth. As it is part of getting a perfect, pearly-white smile, you should pay attention to how you floss. Flossing is an important step of oral care, in which you make sure that plaque and bits of food don’t build up between your teeth. If plaque and other food debris remains on your teeth, it may pave the way to further damage such as cavities, gum disease, and more.

Here at Hillcrest Dental, we strive to help our patients learn the best habits so their teeth remain beautiful long before they come to visit our offices. Our dedicated and skilled dentists and dental hygienists will provide excellent cleanings, general dental care, oral surgeries and more. As a high-quality family dentist practice in Charlottesville, VA, we pride ourselves on making our clients comfortable with us, as some have been coming to us for years for all of their dental care needs. Here are seven facts about flossing that will help you maintain healthy gums and a clean, white smile: 

Flossing Facts

  1. Flossing helps get rid of excess plaque. The more plaque you have between your teeth, the more likely you will develop cavities, which can then lead to gum disease. By flossing regularly, you’re proactively helping your gums defend against buildup and bad breath.
  2. There are three ways to floss: flossing by hand, using flossing sticks, or the hydro flosser, also known as a “waterpik”.
  3. If you don’t floss regularly, then it could lead to sensitive and easily-bleeding gums. However, if you continue flossing, these symptoms will eventually subside, as your oral health improves.
  4. Floss comes in common flavors such as cinnamon, mint, and bubblegum, but there are many more unique kinds found online, such as bacon or wasabi.
  5. Brushing your teeth only removes up to 70% of debris and plaque. However, by flossing consistently, your teeth will be even cleaner and less likely to decay.
  6. It’s important to floss when you have braces, as food is more likely to get caught between the wires. Floss threaders and proxy brushes can help you  better clean those hard-to-reach areas.
  7. There are options available for people with teeth that are very close together and difficult to clean between. Certain brands have produced flossers that have thinner threads so that you can easily slide the floss between your teeth.

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Flossing is an essential part of your oral health routine and we believe that taking care of your teeth doesn’t have to be painful or dreadful. We want our clients to walk into our office with a smile on their face, knowing full well that their experience with us will be relaxing and comfortable. Hillcrest Dental is among the best and highest-rated family dentist clinics in Charlottesville, VA. We offer general dental care and surgical dental care. Our full dental staff is excited to meet you at your next appointment. Contact us at 434-973-2224 to learn about our services and schedule an appointment with us today!

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