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5 Signs You Need Professional Teeth Whitening

5 Signs You Need Professional Teeth Whitening

A simple and accessible cosmetic dentistry service, teeth whitening can improve virtually any smile. This treatment fights teeth-staining, a naturally occurring process that affects us all as we age. Keep an eye out for the signs of staining—such as teeth discoloration, difficulty with oral health, and more—and contact your dental practitioner for help preserving your smile.

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Below, we describe teeth whitening’s particulars and then outline the causes as well as the signs of staining:

What is Teeth Whitening?

To begin, note that teeth whitening and teeth bleaching differ in important ways. Whitening treatments restore teeth’s natural, unblemished color by removing the stains and debris from their surface (so technically, even toothpaste is a kind of whitening treatment). Bleaching procedures whiten teeth beyond their natural color through the use of bleach-containing products.

That said, professionals and laypeople use “whitening” and “bleaching” interchangeably. If you want to know the solution your dentist offers for teeth whitening, speak to them about it. Moreover, while over-the-counter whitening options exist, professional teeth whitening offers better value and better results.

Causes of Teeth Staining

Stains accumulate on everyone’s teeth. However, those stains appear both on and within teeth—that is, teeth’s surfaces and interiors stain. The former kind arises from contact with food and everyday use. We all fight them by brushing our teeth every day, yet a professional whitening treatment can knock out tough, persistent stains.

Interior stains arise from materials within teeth as they age or experience trauma. Despite their deep-set nature, such stains may respond to professional cleaning and whitening. If you believe your teeth have this kind of staining, schedule an appointment with Hillcrest so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile.

Signs that You Need Teeth Whitening

  • You notice your teeth’s discoloration
    Again, everyone’s teeth undergo discoloration and staining. Some folks pay no heed to this process, but you can refresh your teeth with a professional treatment! Nevertheless, preserving white teeth requires daily oral care and avoidance of sugary foods. You may need another whitening treatment at some point as well.
  • You reach your 30s-40s without a whitening treatment
    Brushing your teeth cannot undo the effects of daily wear and tear. Returning your teeth to their natural white luster will require a whitening treatment, especially if you are well into adulthood and have not received such treatment yet.
  • You struggle with oral health
    If you neglect to brush and floss (twice!) every day or suffer from frequent oral health issues, teeth whitening can help. Although such treatments cannot replace daily care, whitening does improve dental hygiene. It may provide the supplement you need to maintain your pearly whites.
  • You smoke or drink a lot of coffee/wine
    Experts have established the oral health effects of smoking. Yet coffee, wine, and other popular substances can also damage teeth as well. Dentists recommend consuming these substances in moderation and seeking professional teeth whitening to counteract their effects.
  • You feel self-conscious about your teeth
    If you hold back your smile in public because you worry about your teeth’s appearance, rest assured that you need whitening treatment. Dentists’ services exist so we can all share smiles. Why shouldn’t you leverage those options for your benefit?

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Although you can find at-home whitening treatments on the market, they cannot match the value of professional cosmetic dentistry services at Hillcrest Dental. We provide affordable oral care to families and individuals throughout the Ruckersville, VA, area. Our team aims to deliver high-quality treatments and excellent customer service for all our patients. If you’ve not used our services before, give us a call at (434) 973-2224 or schedule an appointment with us today!

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