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5 Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental treatments offer many direct and passive benefits. Patients gain a new sense of confidence thanks to their clear, bright smiles. Dentists prevent and fix defects before they develop into worse conditions. So, while some might say that quality cosmetic dentistry services are vain, the right team of dental professionals can ensure you receive valuable oral health benefits.

Hillcrest Dental is the top dental practice in Monticello, VA. We provide excellent general and cosmetic dentistry services to all our patients, and our highly trained staff ensures everyone feels like a regular. Our dental practitioner, Dr. Buckwalter is dedicated to helping all of his patients receive effective dental treatments, whether that includes regular check-ups and cleanings, root canals, and tailor-fit cosmetic veneers. We aim to cover all your dental needs.

Below, we discuss the five benefits our patients receive from cosmetic dentistry:

1. Restored Confidence

Many people feel like their smile is flawed. It could be due to how their teeth grew or how their appearance has changed over time. Nevertheless, dentists have developed many cosmetic techniques to improve dental imperfections.

Following cosmetic dental treatment, many individuals have felt a renewed sense of confidence. With an improved smile, patients are free to laugh and speak without feeling self-conscious about their teeth.

2. Repaired Defects in Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t just solve issues regarding the appearance of your teeth but addresses their condition. Some patients may have tooth defects that have developed since they were children, while others may have developed similar imperfections after an injury or accident.

Either way, certain flaws in your teeth can feel quite painful and embarrassing to have. Cosmetic procedures–such as dental implants and crowns–repair damaged, decayed, or broken teeth so that they look and feel normal along with the rest of your teeth.

3. Relief from Discomfort

As mentioned in the previous section, your teeth can develop certain flaws that cause various problems. For example, a flaw may involve an uneven dental occlusion, which is where your jaw and teeth meet.

The unevenness in this area may cause consistent pain, discomfort, and irritation. Cosmetic dentistry treatments, like braces, can help reform your teeth and mouth to relieve that discomfort.

4. Renewed Dental Health

Cosmetic dental treatments don’t just restore the teeth’s appearance and shape but also give patients a second chance. Fixing misaligned teeth and whitening a stained enamel often convinces patients to redouble their efforts in taking care of their teeth and gums. This then causes them to form new, healthier habits, ensuring they maintain their dental health.

5. Reduced Costs of Future Treatments

Finally, in renewing your dental health and repairing defects in your teeth, cosmetic dentistry procedures also help to reduce the cost of more severe conditions later on. Many dental issues, if left unaddressed, can develop into serious problems that require more invasive treatments, which are often very expensive.

Thus, an aspect of cosmetic dentistry is that it is partly preventative, helping patients keep their dental health from getting worse and, in certain cases, forcing them to deal with the high cost of additional oral surgery services.

Hillcrest Dental: Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Monticello, VA

Our excellent dental practitioner, Dr. Buckwalter, and our highly trained team offers the best cosmetic dentistry services and general dentistry services available. We don’t just provide check-ups and cleaning but also treatments for gum disease, sleep apnea, teeth defects, dental injuries, and more. Contact us today at (434) 973-2224 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Buckwalter for one of our many cosmetic dentistry services!

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